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We are currently seeking donations to help Jonah get to the 2014 Jr. World Freestyle/Freeskiing Championships in Italy, March 31st -April 3rd. This is a huge opportunity that he was worked so hard to attain! Anything you can do to help, is very much appreciated! Jonah for worlds

Who is Jonah Williams?

I am a skier.
My name is Jonah Williams, I am 18 years old from Heber, Utah.
Skiing is a very unique sport, and each athlete has his or her own unique style. I want to show my style and who I am through skiing, and hopefully Inspire people along the way. When I’m not skiing, I am either jumping on my tramp or riding my bike.  I am very focused on skiing, and am determined to take my ability to new heights.
Everyday I ski I expand my talent exponentially and the day is filled with progress.

Skiing is much more than my hobby, it is my passion.
 When I snap into my skis each morning, the outside world ceases to
exist. All my worries are set aside, my imagination runs wild, and I am free. In those moments, the only thing that matters is the feeling of my skis sliding across the snow. As a professional skier I would travel to the most  AMAZING places with awesome people to just ski
and share my passion with everyone!
I have amazing people and sponsors that believe in me and my talents to make it to the top and every day I fight, fly, hurt, love, scream, push and strive for the next trick, the next step, and the next challenge!

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